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Known Issues List:

  • It is possible to reverse mount/climb multiple objects.
  • Gamepad Controllers are not fully supported due to the Keybind Re-binding system not being finished.
  • Keybinding is not working for all possible actions.
  • Some sound options do not reflect for some voice lines & sex interactions
  • In v0.3.11 Character Customization has temporarily made many Outfits Unavailable
  • Some Character Customization Options need Re-Applying after form changes
  • Sometimes you are unable to close the personal stash menu


Q. How do I get cosmetic items for my character?
A. You can find cosmetics around the world, in chests, Jars, completing quests, via dialog options and in Vendors.

Q. How do I save and load the game?
A. You can Save and Load the game via the Main Menu, Additionally you can quick save and load with P for save and Load for O.

Q. Can I change the default keybinds?
A. You can change most keybinds in the Main Menu, some are not fully working.

Q. What are the default bindings in Dialog?
A. W & S move the dialog choices up and down, E to Skip or to Select a Choice.

Q. How does Character customization work?
A. How your Character looks is entirely based upon what you equip, your base body, the cosmetics.
You can currently swap out the head, head cosmetics, body, body cosmetics and whether or not you have a cock attached, and which cock.
Cosmetics for the body and head can entirely change the outfit, skin and colours; additional customization will continue to be added to the game.

Q. How do I delete old save files/find save files?
A. Use the In-Game Main Menu, press “Load Game” and delete slots
Locate your Save Files at C:\Users\{YOUR_USER}\AppData\Local\Carnal_Instinct\Saved\SaveGames

Q. I am unhappy with the game can I get a refund?
Please contact the team via Patreon, Subscribestar or email us at [email protected]

Q. I’ve just updated to the latest build, but can’t complete a new quest, XXX is missing?
A. During this early stage of development, we will regularly have to update the SaveGame Objects and Interactables which may require you to start a new game save file.
We will include this information in the update post, but if you are having difficulty completing a quest or finding an item, you may need to create a new save.

Q. Can I use my old Saves for the latest update?Old saves from prior to v0.1.5 are not recommended and may cause serious game breaking bugs.

Q. Where can I get support?
A. A great resource is our discord and Patreon, if you have not linked your Discord to your Patreon, follow this guide.

Q. What’s the difference between the patreon and Steam Version?
A. Steam will be updated constantly with bug fixes and Quarterly with a Stable content release, whereas Patreon and Subscribestar users will get Monthly, early access versions of the game.
Additionally, our Patrons will get full access to our Discord, behind-the-scenes content and help guide the direction of the game with community polls.


To access to the game, please download and install the Carnal Instinct Launcher, you can find download links to this on Patreon here and Subscribestar here.

For all updates, the launcher will replace itself and you do not need to handle deleting the old version of the launcher.
When you login to Patreon, please ensure that you login to Patreon using your Patreon Email/Password.

If you have any issues with a empty/blank/white popup window, please review your anti-virus software or capacitive wireless portal and see if it is blocking your login.
A small number of users have had to disable anti-virus software to Login with Patreon, do not forget to re-enable this afterwards.

If you are having issues with downloading, please try running the launcher as Admin, Disabling your Anti-virus or Firewall. For those who are having issues with the download pausing, this means the download is freezing for more than 60-90 seconds, in this case, please try using a VPN, many users have found using (which is free) has helped. We are working on increasing our download infrastructure to prevent this from happening in the future.

If extraction fails, do not manually extract the game, this will result in the game not working correctly, the launcher has to complete the extraction. If extraction is not working, please try a different location and try running the launcher as Admin.

For the first 24 hours of the month, Patreon processing runs very slow and may not recognize you as a Patron, please wait up to 24 hours and the issue should resolve.
If not contact support at [email protected] or use the #game-support channel in Discord.

Where is the Launcher Located? You can run the launcher by searching “Carnal Instinct Launcher” on your PC or going to “C:\Users\{YOUR USER}\AppData\Local\carnal_instinct_launcher\Carnal Instinct Launcher.exe”

What to do if you sign into the wrong Patreon Account -click the “Clear Patreon Data” button in the hamburger menu in the top right


To gain access to Discord, please ensure that your Patreon or Subscribestar is linked to your Discord account follow this guide.
In discord you will have access to discussion, community & developer support, interaction and feedback.

Patreon Issues

For all Patreon Issues, you can send us a message via our profile here

Support Email

For anything else, please email our support email – [email protected]