Upcoming UE5 Version Release Date – 31 July 2023

A Sneak Peek at Some of the New Content in the Unreal Engine 5 Playable Prototype

Hey Everyone!

As we close in on the UE5 version going live on Steam we wanted to give you a behind the scenes preview of what’s coming at the end of this month. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you some idea of the new content and artwork that exists for the UE5 version.

Release Date Reminder: 

31 July 2023

About The UE5 Build
The Unreal Engine 5 build is not yet intended to replace all of the content from the existing game, as such it will be an opt-in beta branch of the game. Once we’re happy with performance and stability we intend to rapidly port the content over from the existing version of the game, so the ‘missing’ content won’t remain absent for long.

All existing content remains available in the main branch of Carnal Instinct.

Genital Overhaul
The genitals have been remade with much greater fidelity. For now there is a single option for each size, a human and an equine variant.

You can also set your genitals into a non-aroused state, for those that want some “downtime”. These are unique for each genital option, for example the equine retracts into the sheath. Testicles can be toggled on or off and there are customisation morphs for both the penis and the scrotum.

The World of Carnal Instinct
You begin your journey in a different corner of Sabu, though we’ll expand the playable area to encompass that part of the map that is currently featured in the UE4 build of the game. For now here are some screenshots of various parts of the world, including new enemies and equipment options…

p.s. you can feed the tamed Lion Desert Mau. This is an essential game feature. I will die on this hill.