v0.3.47 is now LIVE for AVATAR Tier+

“At first I was not certain it was alive, after all how could anything emerge alive from such a place. The scar hung in the air, an open wound in the fabric of the world. This thing was like a splinter, ejected from that wound… from the body of the world itself.

When it rose my gaze was met, not by eye but by to smaller rips in that tapestry of experience which we call reality. Twisted beyond understanding, it was grotesquely tainted by some dark and unknowable power. Whatever foul energies had distorted its body must also have bestowed upon it the gift of incredible fortitude, as it took no fewer than five Magi to bind it, their task made easier with an enchantment they referred to as ‘Heka’. The talents of these magicians are impressive to behold, though I learned it can decades or even centuries of study, along with plentiful natural ability, to learn even the most limited of the arcane arts.

That it took as many Magi, to contain this demonic creature, as the numerous hells of this place, was a twist of coincidence not lost on me.”

Ehkos, A Guide to the Desert Kingdoms

Hi All,

What’s this, another Avatar update mid-month? Goddess knows how we keep it up! We’re working at pace on core mechanics, more on that in the development update below, but for now we’re bringing some new cosmetics to the table.

Victorious in the poll for a new skin, we now have a Fennec Fox option for female Jackals. Male is in progress and coming soon. In the Pre-Alpha build this is limited to just a material change, altering the fur colour, however when we release Alpha later this year there will be the ability to sport a pair of huge Fennec ears and shrink the muzzle down to match. We considered putting it in sooner, however it’s something that is far easier to implement in the overhauled way we’ve built parts of the game in Unreal Engine 5.

We’ve also added a new large member, the “Void Tainted Member” with three colour variants – Black, Blue, and Adaptive (matches player skin tone). They’re from an as-yet unseen race that dwells with in the void and were made possible by the funding of a generous Demigod-Tier Patron. We don’t ever out the Patrons who fund items, but you may recognise the design from our Discord server. 

Development Update

Male/Male content had been a little left out recently, so we’re in the process of animating M/M versions of other DSS scenes (as well as M/F and F/M where needed). Additionally we have an entirely new M/M scene which we aim to implement later this month, more on that in the Ascended update post.

The Unreal Engine 5 version of Carnal Instinct now features a much deeper approach to the RPG elements of the game. The code for this is almost complete, the artwork is not. We want to give some idea of the updated character screen, though of course please bear in mind that this is “programmer art” using stock visuals in place of our own UI (being designed at the moment). The layout will obviously change, as will what is displayed by default, but this should give some idea of direction. It’s worth noting that some stats which we have working are still missing from this screen, such as virility and fertility, but fear not they will be present. 

Something which is coming to the current version of Carnal Instinct is our huge new quest, Liquid Gold. Whilst we don’t want to touch on the quest itself, as we abhor spoilers, we do want to mention an NPC who will show up as she’s a first. Below is the in-development sculpt for the Female Centaur, an exotic NPC who will make her first appearance in August.

Finally we’ve spent a lot of time codifying lore. Whilst we had out main story and the key narrative of the world set out from the start, over time we adjusted and changed elements which allowed contradictions to creep in. Additionally there were some unintended consequences within our worldbuilding which we wanted to take the time to address. The result is thousands upon thousands of words, from the co-dependent Cult of the Jackal and Blades of Anubis which together form what you’ve come to know as The Anubites, to the mysterious Aethio whom spirit new-borns out of the cursed land. All of the current in-game content now has a deeper background on which to draw, something which will start to flow through in future quests. To also support this we’ve compiled the entire timeline of Sabu. We’ve written the highs of Sabu’s history like The Arrival of the Night Sun, which saw Kethra herself arrive in the arid land, and The Year of the Sacred Star, when Anubis “birth” was a cause for great celebration and feasting.  To it’s darkest lows like  The Night of Weeping Reeds, a grim and fateful turning point in the history of Sabu, and the bloody conquest of the desert lands known as The Taming of the Dunes.

There is still a substantial amount of lore writing left to do, taking out outline drafts and ensuring everything fits, but we’re almost there. This means we can finally move forward with some of the bigger set piece events we’ve been looking to make, as we needed to be certain before we did so. We won’t ever just post lore dumps, as we think it’s much more interesting to discover them in-game, but when we post art for new factions we will give a taste of the lore surrounding them.

New cosmetics, new manhood options, new sex scenes, new Exotic races, actual RPG systems, lore in much greater depth and more interconnected than ever before… we’re getting there. We’re more confident than ever of hitting Alpha in 2022 and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you so much for your support, it means everything to us that so many people love the project and want to help it become something really special. Onwards, to Alpha!

Team Carnal Instinct

Changelog v0.3.47

  • Added New skin for Female Jackal, “Fennec”
  • Added Two new skins for Male Draconid, “Ashen” and “Primeval”
  • Added New large member with three colour variants, “Void Tainted Manhood”
  • Fixed an issue where Crocodiles could play the Ahmes tail fucking scene
  • Fixed an issue with Ahmes interaction with the player and the Canopic Jar
  • Fixed a bug with an issue with the tints that connect to the member to player for multiple skins and forms
  • Fixed an issue with Mered on Save/Load for some players
  • Fixed an issue with the Save/Load for multiple unique NPCs
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs so that they will not continue to play the talk animation after dialog has completed
  • Changed the Goo Scenes, both the Jar and the Tuvan scene so the Male cannot complete the scene until it has been overhauled to work with them.
  • Removed the equine dong item from the Male Clothing Vendor

Unreleased Development

  • Development New Story content and NPCs for upcoming quest – Liquid Gold
  • Development Added shrines for new form discovery system
  • Development Added “Essence” and “Charge” for transforming
  • Development Added new follower AI and “Sellsword” NPCs
  • Development Added Arcana abilities  (Heqa, Sekh, Aakh, and Resu)
  • Development Added Racial abilities
  • Development Added Miniboss AI – “Embalmed Demigod” 
  • Development Improvements to the Dialog and Dialog Camera System
  • Development Created sculpt for new exotic NPC “Female Centaur”
  • Development Expanded and developed Lore for all factions in the game
  • Development Recorded new voice acting for upcoming quests
  • Development Created new environment assets for Alpha (UE5)






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