Steam Major Content Update v0.4.32

Hey Everyone!

Here we are at last with the next Major content update for Steam, we’ve been working hard for the last 3 months on this content update that we’re happy to share with you all and excited for to play!
This update brings the new Dynamic Sex System, Clothing, NPC Models a new Quest, Dungeon Overhauls, Bug Fixes and more!

Dynamic Sex System
We had always planned on further developing the Sex Scenes in the game, and we’ve taken a big step forward with this update with the first release of the Dynamic Sex system. We’ve made huge changes behind the scenes to the characters and the animations to make this possible.

There are now Dynamic Sex NPCs around the world which you can spot with your 

Carnal Instinct what “equipment” your partner is packing can be ascertained from their colour in this vision, with males (blue), females (pink), and futa (purple) standing out as unique tones. Eventually environmental hazards and sexual props will also have highlights in this view.

Encounters will now also level up your Carnal Instinct, eventually unlocking unique dialogue options, interactions, and sex acts (coming soon). Additionally, your sexual prowess and stamina will improve along with your Carnal Instinct level (the ability to lock pleasure will eventually be gated to higher level Carnal Instinct).

With a new in-scene UI, you’re able to switch and adjust camera, adjust the pose and depth of the act, speed or slow the pace, toggle the UI, lock the progression towards climax, and manually climax.

We hope that you enjoy the new range of Sex Scenes which are available around the world and give you greater control than before.

New Dynamic Sex Scene Scene List at this time:

  • “FlatIron” Missionary
  • Cowgirl
  • “TwistedMiss” Missionary

These are available for the following combinations at this time:
Male x Female
Futa x Female
Futa x Futa

The Dynamic Sex System allows for us to expand and add more sex scenes with more variations, scenes and combinations than ever and we will continue to add more to the system with future updates. We hope you enjoy this major addition to the game!

New Playable Race – Crocodilian

We teased them a while back with the inclusion of the High Priestess’ Attendant Nepthys, but we didn’t have the time we wanted to improve her visuals and make crocs a playable species. We’ve finally overhauled the model and textures however, and now Female Crocodiles (technically Female Crocodilians) are playable. They currently come with two skins, so you can match the Priestess’ Attendant or mix things up.

New Playable Male – Draconic Male

Draconid Males have come to Sabu and are playable in this update, along with male clothing at least!
You can buy these clothes from the new clothes vendor near the docks – Haji!

New Quest – Blood Script

This update brings a new quest to the world to develop the stories of Demigods and their descendants, gives you a better insight into the world and a murder mystery! We’re not going to give anything away, but we hope you enjoy it. You can find this quest by locating a dead body in the village nearby the docks after completing Law & Order and is an additional quest in the city guard chain; for those who have already completed all the quests, you will likely need to start a new save for this Quest to be playable unfortunately.

Content Upgrades

Milk & Honey

The Milk & Honey Dungeon received a needed overhaul, further developing the existing content into a more polished and visually consistent experience. This updated version of the quest is helps set the scene ahead of players being able to pull a certain overzealous NPC, kept in a cage at their camp, into the DSS in the near future.

Footesteps of the Dragon

Footsteps of the Dragon. Rather than simply opening a door to discover a rare Ritual Vessel, players will now need to delve deep into a forgotten ruin, it’s hallways stalked by tomb robbers. Finally Ahmes’ reluctance to fetch the artefact herself will make sense. This Quest now unlocks both the Female & Male Draconic Forms.

Visual Updates

NPC Updates

To facilitate DSS, Optimize the game and improve the experience, we overhauled and replaced the NPCs around the world. Familiar faces will have changed and the wandering NPCs now have the updated player models.

New Outfit – Slaver’s Finery

We also added a new female outfit, the Slaver’s Finery, In addition we’ve added a new Bedlah variant to provide more clothing combinations and to continue the dark themed items.

Thank YouFrom all of us at Team Carnal Instinct, thank you for your support, there’s more to come.

Team Carnal Instinct
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Full v0.4.32 Changelog


  • Added form “Crocodilian”
  • Added Form – “Male Draconid”
  • Added Quest – “Blood Script”
  • Added Dynamic Sex System
  • Added Outfit “Male City Garb” (6 colour versions)
  • Added Outfit “Male City Skirt” (6 colour versions)
  • Added “Carnal Instinct Vision” (Default is F, but you will probarly need to bind this key in the options menu)
  • Added “Carnal Instinct” stat type. This will be used in dynamic sex to increase your “staying power” scenes will have “Pleasure ratings” at some point
  • Added 40 new animations for the first dynamic sex scene
  • Added male animations for the Dynamic Sex scene
  • Added new F/F Cowgirl Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added new M/F Cowgirl Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added skin – “Black Felian”
  • Added skin – “Ahmes”
  • Added clothing for NPCs
  • Added new dungeon for “Milk & Honey”
  • Added new dungeon for “Footsteps of the Dragon”
  • Added Main/Side quest to the World Map descriptions
  • Added Enemy Zone indicators on the compass
  • Added icons for equipment slots in the inventory
  • Added blinking animations back to the player after the rework
  • Added sound occlusion to various sounds to make them dampened in caves
  • Added healing effect to the player bed, resting now restores 100% HP
  • Added some armor to the void form to compensate for lack of equipment
  • Added new F/F Twisted Missionary Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added new Torso Cosmetic “Slaver’s Finery” (4 variants)
  • Added new Leg Cosmetic “Slaver’s Straps” (4 variants)
  • Added a new Bedlah option – Dark Bedlah
  • Added 4 new voices for the Dynamic Sex System Actors
  • Added a new Skin for the Playable Crocodile Race “Saltwater Scales”
  • Added “Merchant Haji” into the world – selling male clothing
  • Added [UI] tooltips to indicate how to unlock Forms & Cosmetics
  • Added mouse control to dialogue


  • Fixed an issue where the Void Body would incorrectly allowing clothing to be equipped
  • Fixed multiple issues with unoptimisted textures
  • Fixed an issue where Tomb Robbers would not have the correct death SFX
  • Fixed missing icon for “Breeding Harness”
  • Fixed “Writhing Grubs” having no weight or value stats
  • Fixed a bug where the Acolyte of Seshat could be killed before starting “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would be displayed during “Footsteps of the Dragon” cutscenes
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would be displayed during “Milk and Honey” cutscenes
  • Fixed bug with “Sealed Tomb Key” not persisting through save games
  • Fixed an issue with ground blood decals being displayed on the players clothing
  • Fixed issue with the form unlock toggle not flipping properly
  • Fixed fire pyres sometimes duplicating the dynamic light
  • Fixed dialogue save files not being deleted properly
  • Fixed an issue with white item popups
  • Fixed an issue where head gear would be removed when loading save games
  • Fixed a bug where item rewards would not popup during “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Fixed a bug where item rewards would not popup during “Winter Winds”
  • Fixed a bug with Footsteps of the Dragon which allowed players to be stuck in the tomb
  • Fixed bug with Apa walking out of the camp bounds
  • Fixed bug where the “Inquisitor of Bast” would start phase 2 multiple times per second
  • Fixed a few LOD issues some various models
  • Fixed grammar issue with Havar’s Note. It’s also been renamed to “Havar’s Letter”
  • Fixed issues with Quest Items appearing in the General Tab. Updated some descriptions.
  • Fixed issues with Jailer Keys for the 6th time
  • Fixed weapon descriptions for iron & damascus variations
  • Fixed dialogue lines for Mesahtnofret saying “Is calls night lotus”
  • Fixed “Human Manhood” & “Equine Cock” having additional text in their descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect audio line and grammar mistake during “Secret Admirer”
  • Fixed locked doors not stating which key is required to open them
  • Fixed a bug with the Void Khopesh attacking faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Anubite AI would change skin based on the player
  • Fixed a bunch of LOD issues for optimization
  • Fixed a bug with dragging and dropping in the Inventory and switching tabs
  • Fixed a bug which did not allow balls for DemiHumans
  • Fixed a typo on Havar’s Necklace
  • Fixed an issue with Cum VFX not being in the correct location for the corresponding NPC cock in DSS scenes in some situations
  • Fixed an issue with Caged NPCs World Icon not being removed after saving them
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to give Khaba the scribe notes
  • Fixed “Saltwater Scales” appearing as a legacy item
  • Fixed various game props being climable when not intended
  • Fixed an issue with floating horns on draconids
  • Fixed a visibility hole in the Night Lotus Cave
  • Fixed the collision on various props which caused the player to get stuck
  • Fixed a small bug where “Salt” had no weight
  • Fixed a bug with standard “Level Up” HUD element displaying your Carnal Instinct level
  • Fixed an issue with floating draconic horns
  • Fixed audio volume level for “Blood Script” voice lines
  • Fixed issues with the White Wraps on Female Jackal, Male Jackal and Cursed Ones
  • Fixed issues with the Dark Bedlah on Draconid Skins and the Demi-Jackal
  • Fixed an issue with Seawater Scales being shown in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue with the Loiterer’s dialog during Blood Script
  • Fixed a problem with quest actor tracking during “Blood Script”
  • Fixed a cinematic glitch during “Blood Script”
  • Fixed problems with existing saves not working properly with new forms and cosmetic/dong unlocks
  • Fixed an issue with NPC mouths having strange lighting during dialog sometimes
  • Fixed procedual effects to be more performant
  • Fixed resolution issues on a large amount of Particles, Texture Memory etc
  • Played Elden Ring


  • Changed Leveling and quicksave visuals slightly
  • Changed Ranno to reward 200 gold when choosing the coin reward
  • Changed the players step height slightly
  • Changed the item tooltips to be darker, allowing for better reading when hovering over the inventory
  • Changed the font and icon sizes when reading detailed items.
  • Changed the respawn timer on enemies to be double the current time
  • Changed the default player camera zoom to be closer
  • Changed the default player to be wearing “Brown Wraps”
  • Changed Nepthys to the new Model and speech Animations
  • Changed the Vendor re-stock to fix an issue with inconsistencies between restock and initial vendor stock
  • Changed the view distance on “Carnal Vision”
  • Changed “Carnal Vision” to be toggled, not held
  • Changed Draconic Male to be unlocked via “Footsteps of the Dragon”
  • Changed spelling and punctuation for multiple conversion lines
  • Changed the majority of existing NPC’s to use the new models
  • Changed the “Ancient Tome” to be in the Quest Items inventory
  • Updated credits