v0.3.40 is now LIVE for AVATAR Tier+

Hi All!

Here we are with our avatar update for the month, later than usual, and we have to start by apologizing about that. In June we’ve had a chain of bad luck and we’ve had a few members of our team get sick and that’s had caused some delays due to us being a smaller team.

This update brings a new quest to the world to develop the stories of Demigods and their descendants, gives you a better insight into the world and a murder mystery! We’re not going to give anything away, but we hope you enjoy it and please expect an to this quest next month with some additional options!

(The best way to start the new quest is via the “Extra” Menu in-game on a new save, or via completing Law & Order)

We’re going to be giving you all a Dev Blog in June to talk about what else we’ve been working on behind the scenes and our content cycle plans.

For those of us who missed our last blog post, please find it here

Thank you all for your patience and support – p.s. this blog post is longer because the person who typically writes these is also off sick 🙂

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog v0.3.40

  • Added Quest – “Blood Script”
  • Fixed “Saltwater Scales” appearing as a legacy item
  • Fixed various game props being climable when not intended
  • Fixed an issue with floating horns on draconids
  • Fixed a visibility hole in the Night Lotus Cave
  • Fixed the collision on various props which caused the player to get stuck
  • Fixed a small bug where “Salt” had no weight
  • Fixed a bug with standard “Level Up” HUD element displaying your Carnal Instinct level
  • Changed the view distance on “Carnal Vision”
  • Changed “Carnal Vision” to be toggled, not held