v0.3.35 is now LIVE for AVATAR Tier+

Hi all,

We’re here with the first update of the month, a few days later than usual but the extra time allowed us to pack in a bit more content. This update brings the cowgirl position to the Dynamic Sex System (DSS) and adds a new playable humanoid race.

We teased them a while back with the inclusion of the High Priestess’ Attendant Nepthys, but we didn’t have the time we wanted to improve her visuals and make crocs a playable species. We’ve finally overhauled the model and textures however, and now Female Crocodiles (technically Female Crocodilians) are playable. They currently come with two skins, so you can match the Priestess’ Attendant or mix things up.

We had a clear winner on our last DSS poll, gaining 787 of the 3539 votes cast…

This means that cowgirl scenes are now live in the DSS for Male, Female, and Futa players. There are dozens of unique animations that go into the scene, enabling you to tweak the pose and pace of your lovemaking. ‘Guard Against Alley Wall’ was a close runner-up with 630 votes, so this will be among the next scenes added to the system. We’re also working on some F/F and M/M scenes to make sure that the system is open to everyone.

Nepthys has been updated along with her guards, though it’s a temporary one. Given that she’ll be handing out quests for a while we felt it important to finalise her look – she has a unique outfit in-development (p.s. yes, it will also be available to players).

In addition to the new visuals there are other additions including four new voice actors bringing our DSS NPCs to life and a collection of bugfixes.

It’s been a long time coming but playable crocs are finally here. We’re currently making clothing for the males (along with more sex scenes) so the world is about to feel a great deal more populated. Thank you so much for your incredible support in making this project a reality, we have something huge we can’t wait to reveal that we think you’ll love!

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog v0.3.35

  • Added new F/F Cowgirl Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added new M/F Cowgirl Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added 4 new voices for the Dynamic Sex System Actors
  • Added  a new Playable Race “Crocodilian”
  • Added a new Skin for the Playable Crocodile Race “Saltwater Scales”
  • Changed Nepthys to the new Model and speech Animations
  • Fixed a bug with dragging and dropping in the Inventory and switching tabs
  • Fixed a bug which did not allow testicles for Demi-Humans
  • Fixed a typo on Havar’s Necklace

Changelog v0.3.33

  • Added New NPC Type – Dynamic Sex NPC (Male)
  • Added 15 Male sub-animations for DSS
  • Added new SFX
  • Added Kites
  • Fixed an issue with invisible players during DSS while wearing Cursed Felian or Void Form
  • Fixed all items being accidently being unlocked by default
  • Fixed “H” key levelling up Carnal Instinct (Accidental inclusion of dev test command)