v0.3.30 is now LIVE for Ascended Tier+

Hi all,

This is the slightly delayed Ascended update, laying the groundwork for the first implementation of  the Dynamic Sex System (DSS) at the end of the month. So what exactly has gone into this update?

Well in order to be able to pull all NPCs into sex scenes, we first need them to be using the new player meshes. We also need them to convincingly populate the world, so that you can wander around and find the perfect partner to pull into the DSS. Our NPCs are all updated now so… begun, the clone wars have.

We’ve also overhauled the dungeon for Milk & Honey, further developing the existing content into a more polished and visually consistent experience. This updated version of the quest is helps set the scene ahead of players being able to pull a certain overzealous NPC, kept in a cage at their camp, into the DSS in the near future.

In addition to a plethora of bugfixes and minor changes, there are also two new skins. Felian’s can now adopt the same dark fur as Iraya and Draconids get the iridescent scales of Ahmes. Check out the patchnotes for full details.

Thank you for your amazing support, we’re working hard on Dynamic Sex so you can get your hands on it as soon as possible. We’re also rolling out additional NPC variants (and adjusting the mix in different parts of the world) so you know where to seek out your perfect partner.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog v0.3.30

  • Added skin – “Dark Pelt” (Felian)
  • Added skin – “Iridescent Scales” (Draconid)
  • Added clothing for NPCs
  • Added new dungeon for “Milk & Honey”
  • Added sound occlusion to various sounds to make them dampened in caves
  • Added healing effect to the player bed, resting now restores 100% HP
  • Added some armour to the void form to compensate for lack of equipment
  • Fixed issues with Quest Items appearing in the General Tab. Updated some descriptions.
  • Fixed issues with Jailer Keys for the 6th time
  • Fixed dialogue lines for Mesahtnofret saying “Is calls night lotus”
  • Fixed “Human Manhood” & “Equine Cock” having additional text in their descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect audio line and grammar mistake during “Secret Admirer”
  • Fixed locked doors not stating which key is required to open them
  • Fixed a bug with the Void Khopesh attacking faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Anubite AI would change skin based on the player
  • Fixed a bunch of LOD issues for optimization
  • Changed the item tooltips to be darker, allowing for better reading when hovering over the inventory
  • Changed the font and icon sizes when reading detailed items.
  • Changed the respawn timer on enemies to be double the current time
  • Changed the default player camera zoom to be closer
  • Changed the default player to be wearing “Brown Wraps”
  • Updated credits