v0.3.29 is now LIVE for AVATAR Tier+

Hi all,

We’re here with the first update for February, bringing a metric f*cktonne of fixes to the game and reworking some of the oldest content; Footsteps of the Dragon. Rather than simply opening a door to discover a rare Ritual Vessel, players will now need to delve deep into a forgotten ruin, it’s hallways stalked by tomb robbers. Finally Ahmes’ reluctance to fetch the artefact herself will make sense.

Why have we decided to change this now? Well once the Dynamic Sex System is in we want to expand the next chapter of Ahmes story, allowing you to find out more about the dark-scaled demi-Draconid. She’s been a stalwart since some of the earliest builds of the game, our very first voice-acted character, and it’s now time for her story to begin to unfold.

We’ve also updated the UI, adding back slot icons to make it clearer what each section is used to equip specific gear or cosmetics, as well as to bring the visual language of the menu together.

The player will no longer stare into the abyss during conversations; we’ve finally added blink and glance animations to help bring the overhauled player-character to life, along with some very subtle facial movement. There are only a few animations for now, but we’ll increase these over time as part of our general improvements to the visual fidelity of the world.

On top of these highlighted additions and the boatload of persistent bugs we’ve crushed, most of our development time is going into the Dynamic Sex System. The all-new NPCs are coming in the next Ascended update, ready for the Dynamic Sex System to begin rolling out in the updates to follow. We’ll also post some development updates prior to the system going live, so you can get an idea of exactly what will be possible.

We have a tonne of new gameplay in the works, from the Dynamic Sex System to the next chapter of the main story, and a major side-quest for Ahmes. That’s gameplay, story, and adult content all in-development to expand the playable content and lore of the world. Thank you so much for your support in helping us to push this project to new heights!

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog v0.3.29

  • Added new dungeon for “Footsteps of the Dragon”
  • Added Main/Side quest to the World Map descriptions
  • Added Enemy Zone indicators on the compass
  • Added icons for equipment slots in the inventory
  • Added blinking animations back to the player after the rework
  • Fixed an issue where the Void Body would incorrectly allowing clothing to be equipped
  • Fixed multiple issues with unoptimisted textures
  • Fixed an issue where Tomb Robbers did not have the correct death SFX
  • Fixed missing icon for “Breeding Harness”
  • Fixed “Writhing Grubs” having no weight or value stats
  • Fixed a bug where the Acolyte of Seshat could be killed before starting “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would be displayed during “Footsteps of the Dragon” cutscenes
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would be displayed during “Milk and Honey” cutscenes
  • Fixed bug with “Sealed Tomb Key” not persisting through save games
  • Fixed an issue with ground blood decals being displayed on the players clothing
  • Fixed issue with the form unlock toggle not flipping properly
  • Fixed fire pyres sometimes duplicating the dynamic light
  • Fixed dialogue save files not being deleted properly
  • Fixed an issue with white item popups
  • Fixed an issue where head gear would be removed when loading save games
  • Fixed a bug where item rewards would not popup during “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Fixed a bug where item rewards would not popup during “Winter Winds”
  • Fixed a bug with Footsteps of the Dragon which allowed players to be stuck in the tomb
  • Fixed bug with Apa walking out of the camp bounds
  • Fixed bug where the “Inquisitor of Bast” would start phase 2 multiple times per second
  • Fixed a few LOD issues some various models
  • Fixed grammar issue with Havar’s Note. It’s also been renamed to “Havar’s Letter”
  • Changed Levelling and quick-save visuals slightly
  • Changed Ranno to reward 200 gold when choosing the coin reward
  • Changed the players step height slightly
  • Updated dialogue camera for the Statue of Anubis
  • Updated the behaviour a bit for the Inquisitor of Bast
  • Updated credits