v0.3.27 is now LIVE for ASCENDED Tier+

Hi all,

We’re finally here with the second update, both of the month and the year to date! We’re progressing towards the Dynamic Sex System (and the NPC overhaul that comes with it). For those who haven’t caught the Q&A on the upcoming Dynamic Sex System there’s a brief description further down this post.

Whilst the Dynamic Sex System is not yet ready for you to get your hands on, this update does pack a lot in, with cosmetics, quests, and a new unique weapon to boot. The first things to highlight are the Sabuthi Sash & Sabuthi Skirt, two new clothing options that can be mixed-and-matched with the Anubite garments. The clothing itself will be common among NPCs once the overhaul drops in the coming weeks, normal garb for the rank and file citizenry. Not originally intended to be available for Players this month, these are hot off the press (so some clipping with extreme morphs may occur). Currently there are four colour options, though patterned versions and some variants without the bikini are incoming.

We also have a new unique weapon with which to batter your enemies senseless; The Kethrite Sceptre. Without wanting to spoil the quest, this rare item can be discovered as part of the new story content that comes with the update. For now this item is merely a unique melee weapon. For now…

As the prior mention of story content suggests, this release is not without a new quest. “No Rest for the Wicked” sees the player decide the fate of a village, a last glimmer of hope against the rising darkness of the curse.

So, what’s next in-development? Well for those that missed it, we’re currently working on the Dynamic Sex System. This new mechanic is intended to dramatically increase the number of characters with whom you can engage in sex acts, whilst at the same time improving the quality of the scenes themselves. Camera control, speed, even changing the intensity or style of the act – the Dynamic Sex System should help ground the adult content in the world and make it far more interactive.

With each month Carnal Instinct grows in scope and content, the story unfolding and the world growing richer. Very soon Dynamic Sex will overhaul the way you interact with NPCs and experience the world. We’re only able to build this truly adult RPG because of the incredible support that you have given us.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog v0.3.27

  • Added Quest – “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Added Clothing items – “Sabuthi Sash” (Green, Pale, Black & Red)
  • Added Clothing items – “Sabuthi Skirt” (Green, Pale, Black & Red)
  • Added Weapon – “Kethrite Sceptre”
  • Added Enemy type “Accursed Warlord”
  • Added Quest Dungeon
  • Added new visuals and SFX for Quests
  • Added new visuals and SFX for Consumables
  • Added armor scaling to enemy levels
  • Added new animations for ambient npcs
  • Added new sounds for cave interiors
  • Fixed an issue with the Form screen locking up when holding “W”
  • Fixed a bug where the Dragon stops being interactable
  • Fixed Silver Bedlah being in the wrong inventory slot
  • Fixed an issue where unarmed combat wouldnt allow the player to leave the state
  • Fixed a bug where the balls were unlocked in the map despite being unlocked by default
  • Fixed the form screen not inlcuding the inventory top bar
  • Fixed a bug where quests wouldnt hide in the main HUD or when hiding the UI
  • Fixed an issue where quest objective popup would also appear when taking a new quest
  • Fixed in game main menu changing typeface font when hovered
  • Fixed a bug where enemy particles would persist after death
  • Fixed desert cats and crocs cannot be back stabbed anymore
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to use WIP magic system
  • Fixed a bug which caused dungeon lighting code to be consistent throughout time of day
  • Fixed sound classes with several WAV files
  • Changed slightly lowered the random idle animation timer
  • Changed tweaked spear input buffer
  • Changed Longsword weapon speed reduced slightly
  • Changed the world sky material
  • Changed the speed and damage of Longswords