V0.3.24 is now LIVE for ASCENDED Tier+

From the entire Carnal Instinct Team, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We made it, the final update of 2021. What a wild ride this year has been, with mountains more content and systems in-game than we envisioned at the start. The project has progressed so far and we’re pushing forward faster than ever.

You can now stride over the sands with the likeness of Anubis as this update brings with it the first non-human male form to the game; the Jackal.

For those who don’t want to replay all quests to access the most recent content we’ve also added an “extras” menu. Not only can you skip to the latest quest (Law & Order), but this will also unlock most races. It’s also possible to kill the player (to respawn if stuck out of bounds etc).

We’ve updated our roadmap to remove confusion. Despite the roadmap having always stated that it’s a live document and features may expand or shift as development progresses, we felt that having features tied to specific months created too much expectation and limited our ability to work flexibly (one of the few strengths of a small team).

For this reason we have removed the dates and shifted to a new set of categories:

  • Completed Content
  • In-Development
  • Planned Content

Within the “In-Development” section we further break this down into what elements are approaching implementation (GREEN), in the midst of development but not ready for release (YELLOW), and those which are only in the prototype stage (RED). 

We ask that you continue to judge the pace of development based on our delivery each month, rather than a spreadsheet, but we like to have the document available to give a slice of what we have planned. The roadmap itself will be updated in the new year to take account of the species and other recent polls, bringing some species and sex scenes nearer to implementation.

Thank you so much for making this entire beautiful dream possible, we’re forever grateful for the overwhelming support shown to us by this community. We’re excited for everything planned in 2022 and for making so many of your requests a reality, watch this space!

Much love to all of you, have a great New Year!

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog v0.3.24

  • Added Form “Male Jackal”
  • Added “Extras” menu to allow skipping to most recent quest.
  • Added torches as a craftable option with the Blacksmith for 10 gold
  • Added a quest notify so once you complete Law and Order it’ll be easier to get directed to Winter Winds
  • Re-Added the Slaver to the docks to help introduce some newer players to the game and help with first quests
  • Fixed an issue with the Toses and Dragon cutscenes which can result in the player not dying and being stuck in dialog
  • Fixed a major issue with Law and Order that can prevent progression of Ranno’s Dialog, preventing the player from completing Winter Winds
  • Fixed an issue with the Cook’s Jail which could prevent some players from unlocking the cook
  • Fixed an issue with the door in Milk and Honey so it will load in fully open if you save with the door partially open
  • Fixed an issue where crafting an upgraded version of an item would remove it from the player equipment but not properly remove the applied stats/effects (fixing slow dagger attacks)
  • Changed Wraps & Bedlah items to be compatible with Jackal Form (female)
  • Changed the system which loads the player equipment in the main menu to try and prevent issues for some players
  • Changed multiple Dialog cameras
  • Changed the Skeleton that can be found in Diamond in the Rough and Milk and Honey which can cause some collision issues
  • Changed the Raving Citizen’s dialog so you can speak to them after Law and Order has completed






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