v0.3.19 is now LIVE for ASCENDED Tier+

“Look’s like meat’s back on the menu boys!”

Hi all,

They’re finally back – hybrids (demi-ascended/demi-human to give them the correct title) have returned to Sabu! There’s also now a new Demi-Jackal to play with, so if you want to combine the sleek, pointed featured of a jackal with the supple skin of a human then you’re in luck. The hybrids currently have clipping issues with the Anubite Bra and the cosmetic layers (bedlah & wraps) are temporarily disabled, though this will be resolved next update and they should work out-of-the-box with all future clothing and cosmetic options.

We also now have the rig ready for the dual-cocked Jackal Priestess, she’s shown here with the default equine genitals and Anubite gear rather than her own costume and… “equipment” as they’re both still in-development.

We have quite a few ambient effects now present in the world too, with insects near flowers and dust-clouds along dry roadways. These are enabled by default but can be disabled in the menu to improve performance. Some, such as the leaves, are placeholder but still add a little more life to the world.

There’s not much more of what we’re working on that we can show at the moment without ruining the specifics of next month…

Those of you who check the roadmap will probably have worked out where a lot of our time is going; The Ancient Dragon. She’s scaly, she’s horny, she’s far bigger than anything you’ve yet seen in Carnal Instinct, and she’ll awake from her antediluvian slumber in time for our Christmas update. Talk about a stocking stuffer. As always thank you so much for your incredible support, it’s what makes this entire project possible. We hope you’ll love the new quest content and other goodies that will finally arrive in December! 

Team Carnal Instinct


  • Added Form – “Demi-Draconid”
  • Added Form – “Demi-Felian”
  • Added Form – “Demi-Jackal”
  • Added Jackal Skins “Golden Coat” and “Mahogany Coat”
  • Added Camp System – “Cooking”
  • Added Prisoner(s) In Distress location – “Cook”
  • Added Merchant NPC – “Epaphos”
  • Added Merchant NPC – “Nem-mestu”
  • Added Raw Items – “Niloticus, Rainbow Trout, Sabuthi Eel, Sabuthi Perch, Raw Meat”
  • Added Cooked Items – “Steamed Niloticus, Fried Rainbow Trout, Jellied Sabuthi Eel, Grilled Sabuthi Perch, Charred Meat”
  • Added Meal Items – “Savage Broth, Seared Meat, Salted Trout, Euphoris Stew, Nusr Steak, Rich Offal Stew”
  • Added Seasoning Items – “Onions, Salt”
  • Added new Ambient SFX
  • Added Procedual Effects (More dust, leaves blowing .ect.)
  • Added Procedual Effects Options (Turned on by default, disable for improved performance)
  • Fixed a bug stopping Neb-oo’s character name from being visible in all dialogue lines
  • Fixed an issue with the spike trap’s visibility
  • Fixed various issues with the world and terrain
  • Fixed an issue with arrows causing a pickup loop
  • Fixed a bug with Anubite Skirts showing testicles
  • Fixed bug with missing Draconid Horns icon
  • Fixed bug with Jackal ear tuffs
  • Changed night lighting properties slightly
  • Changed the angles for easier swimming lock
  • Changed the world landscape materials slightly