v0.3.15 is now LIVE for ASCENDED Tier+

Hi all,

We’re finally here with the last update of October, but wow was this a busy month. To make up for the delay from September we’ve crammed four updates into as many weeks, a tall order but we’ve made it.

The big ticket item this time around is that Jackals are now a playable race. We have had to shift the NPC variant back a little, though she’d have been missing her full adult content until the implementation of the Dynamic Sex System anyway.

As we work to restore content that wasn’t compatible with the customisation system we’ll be periodically adding the items back into Sabu. The Northern Horns now make their reappearance, sans jingling-collar, at least for now (which will arrive as a separate clothing item in due course).

The mysterious storyteller, Neb-oo, is now complete with full voice acting for her tale. Additionally we’ve got a small amount of new voiced dialogue for Nepthys, allowing you to hand-in the Vessel of Q’Tesh. The quest doesn’t go any further yet, but the new lines should give you a taste of what’s in store.

In addition to these flagship items we’ve fixed numerous bugs, implemented several balance changes, and added gold as a drop from certain enemies.

Finally, in answer to a question which keeps cropping up; yes, we are bringing Demi-Humans (hybrids) back as soon as we can!

It’s been a huge task to remake every character in the game, one which we’ll be rolling out in the gradual replacement of all NPCs as well. Our next major task is the Dynamic Sex System, something we’re excited to get stuck into… for work reasons of course. Thank you so much for all your support, it makes these beautiful things possible.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog, v0.3.15

  • Added Form – “Female Jackal”
  • Added Reworked Cosmetic – “Northern Horns”
  • Added new conversation with Nepthys for the ending of “Diamond in the Rough”
  • Added voice acting for Neb-oo
  • Added gold drops to humanoid enemies
  • Fixed a bug which made zooming revert the player movement to running state, even if they were previously walking
  • Fixed a bug with blocking without hard-locking, it will now keep you hard-locked to the target
  • Fixed “Leap” attacks to deal intended damage, it is now slightly lower
  • Fixed “Leap” attack stamina cost, it now consumes more
  • Fixed an issue where the Cursed Felian Form would not have cock options
  • Fixed an issue where Havar’s Amulet wasn’t being removed after “Secret Admirer”
  • Fixed a bug where Djeda would take 50g twice when paying to “Ride the Pony”
  • Fixed a typing error on “Join”
  • Fixed an issue where the Cursed Felian Form would not have cock options
  • Fixed a bug where enemy AI levels would be set to 1 when saving/loading
  • Fixed various issues with rocks and terrain around the world
  • Fixed an issue with enemies dropping outdated equipment, these will be back working with the new system soon
  • Fixed a bug where certain NPC’s heads wouldn’t be synced to their body