Halloween Special Update & Major Content Update for Steam

It’s a Spooky time of year, there’s a new Steam Update available here and we’ve done a Halloween Update which is Available now on Patreon & SubscribeStar!

Hi all,

We decided on four updates this month as otherwise the Avatar patrons would’ve missed out on Halloween content until after the holiday itself. This means we still have another update scheduled this month for Ascended tier, bringing with it more character customisation!

This update brings with it a few spooky surprises like the new Cursed Felian form (customisation system compatible) and a new below-the-belt item in the form of the ghostly Member of Pure Essence. There’s also a campfire story to explain the new content too, and a little more lore.

The content is rounded out with yet more world expansion for the main-story quest we’re currently working on.

Finally we’ve also made this fun Halloween-themed wallpaper, mainly for Gargleham but we thought a few of you might also enjoy it!

In terms of what’s next, we’re working to get a certain canine species playable…

We’re on a roll now, three updates in one month and going for the fourth! No spade-wielding lunatic can stop us now, onwards to Jackals… err… Victory! Thank you all so much for your support, development is coming on leaps and bounds all thanks to you.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog, v0.3.14

  • Added Item – “Member of Pure Essence”
  • Added Item – “Cursed Felian Form”
  • Added new areas to the map
  • Fixed an issue where some outfits could be found but not equipped to prevent issues
  • Fixed issues with the Save Game system for Jars that were destroyed but were not handled properly on load
  • Fixed multiple sound files not being included in volume sliders
  • Changed new game to include the character customization screen