v0.3.13 is now LIVE for AVATAR Tier+

Hi all,

The slightly delayed mid-month update is here at last. Before we get down to the update proper, we want to give our warmest congratulations to Gargleham who got married last week!

In addition to all of the content we released in the last update, we now have a first-pass version of the new Felian female model. She only has a single skin and fur-tuft set available at the moment, but this will expand over time (as will all options). Equip an equine dong and set your breasts to the max for a true Big Floppa experience.

The map continues to expand and develop, both for the in-development quests and based on patron feedback from the #game-suggestions channel on Discord. The playable area has further expanded and we’re ever closer to being able to remove them entirely.

There are new side-quests and spooky Halloween content in the works this month too, so keep your eyes peeled for the Ascended update around 30th October.

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support, Carnal Instinct has come so far from when we first launched the page back in October 2020. Everything we’ve achieved so far is entirely due to the amazing support of all our Patrons.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog, v0.3.13

  • Added new overhauled Felian Female body (compatible with the new Character Customization system)
  • Added new Cursed One SFX
  • Added new foliage
  • Added new areas to the map
  • Added new game difficulty options to the main menu for those players who wish to have an easier time with the combat, or want to make it more difficult, this will scale the damage taken in combat
  • Added new voice acting for the Weaponsmith (Weaponsmith is now male)
  • Fixed a major issue with combat which prevented movement in some circumstances
  • Fixed a major issue with the save/loading of the new Customization system
  • Fixed a major issue with the customization vessels respawning after being destroyed if the game was saved after a certain amount of time
  • Fixed an issue where a number of voice lines could be heard even if the voice section of the menu was turned all the way down
  • Fixed issues with the Customization system related to cocks
  • Fixed issues with the new Customization vessels not working in the map
  • Fixed a bug where you could sell quest items to vendors by dragging the items
  • Fixed Sabuthi Male in the Character Customization system so it had the correct icon
  • Fixed a bug with enemies respawning too quickly, they should now be dead much longer
  • Fixed an issue where cursed ones what hid underground respawned above ground
  • Fixed an issue with the Customization system where some choices did not load the defaults and therefore males did not have cocks in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the WIP bestiary menu can be opened on the controller
  • Changed dropped bags, they will now destroy automatically after 5 minutes of being on the floor
  • Changed the name of the Equine cock in the new customization  menu to horse cock
  • Changed the Q’Tesh Jar and other quest items as quest items to prevent accidental selling
  • Changed the desert cat SFX reducing the volume
  • Updated the roadmap & news post on the main menu