v0.3.10 is now LIVE for Ascended Tier+


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Hi all,

We had no shortage of issues last month, you could say we had them in spades. That said, we’re finally here with the tentative initial release of the character customisation system. There will be a further two updates to this system in October alone, so don’t worry that the game has taken a step back in some areas as this content will reappear soon.

For this initial release we’ve enabled customisation on Human Males, Human Females, and Draconid Females. Due to the new material system however we’ve temporarily pulled the hybrid demi-races, as the system they relied on is no longer used for the player (they’ll be back later in the month).

For now you can select the species you wish to adopt the form of from within the inventory, though as the world and story develops this will shift to an in-world area and/or item to enable adjustment. All the sliders we’ve implemented thus far are also unlocked by default, though as the game progresses we’ll add bonus customisation that unlocks with quest completion and specific sexual encounters.

Body cosmetics are now housed in this menu as well, to reduce the confusion with skin-tight garments such as the Bedlah or Wraps. This initial release introduces a handful of additional Draconid skins but removes the glowing and iridescent versions – the new and improved versions of these are coming later in October.

Your head cosmetics, hair or horns, will no longer be an inventory item but instead part of the customisation. To this end we’ve added placeholder hairstyles to give some starting options prior to the content schedule of adding many new variations in the coming months.

Every character in the game has been rebuilt from scratch for this update, granting us far more detailed deformation including genitals for the in-development dynamic sex system. 

In terms of story we’re well into implementing additional quests, with scripts already sent out to actors to record full voice for the plotlines. The main story too is awaiting the dynamic sex system in order to be able to take full advantage of Bast’s Inquisitor.

In preparation for a major questline we’ve also opened up the Slaver’s Quarry zone, populated with countless unfortunates. You can’t yet get involved in the story there, but you can have a poke around and get some idea of the events yet to unfold on the world.

There are a plethora of other changes as usual, the most significant of which is the inclusion of a rare and secret weapon. Some say it struck the heavens themselves…

Thank you all so much for bearing with us during the challenges of September. We’re midway through Felian customisation and demi-races are close behind; October is going to be a full month in terms of new features!  We’re excited to see what you make with the system once it’s fully released.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog, v0.3.10

  • Added Customisation System & UI (Chest Size, Bodyfat, Ethnicity, Bodyshape, & others).
  • Added Draconid Skins “Primeval Scales”, “Ocean Scales”, “Misty Mountain Scales”, “Salamander Scales”
  • Added Draconid Horn Variants “Infernal Horns”, “Dunewalker Horns”, “Hilldrake Horns”
  • Added Human Hair Variants (numerous)
  • Added Zone – “Slaver’s Quarry”
  • Added Item – “Spade of Deicide”
  • Added sound dampening to the player when crouched
  • Added new sound perception to enemies – you can now sneak up on them from behind
  • Added death animations to the player, you no longer ragdoll
  • Added low health warning – visuals and SFX
  • Added a tiny health regen for players when out of combat for a decent chunk of time
  • Added new ambient music tracks
  • Fixed issue with the inventory character not having physics
  • Fixed a bug with softlock triggering when not in combat
  • Fixed an issue causing the combat music to persist after leaving combat
  • Fixed enemy sight radius to be slightly larger, but on a lower peripheral
  • Fixed a bug where you could backstab Anubite Guards
  • Fixed a bug where the credits wouldn’t scroll after a certain amount of time
  • Fixed a bug where enemies wern’t always updating their maximum speed after leaving combat
  • Fixed hitbox issues with certain attacks from Cursed Ones
  • Fixed a bug where the void spirit wouldn’t spawn due to the new map changes
  • Fixed a bug causing Damascus Ingots to have no value
  • Fixed multiple collision issues with rocks and cliffs
  • Changed the player’s default walk speed slightly
  • Changed the player’s camera position when crouched
  • Changed all footstep SFX
  • Changed all archery SFX
  • Changed multiple SFX for foley sounds around the world
  • Changed SFX for NPC actions
  • Changed Anubite Guards to watch the player when close by
  • Changed Shield Enemies to have more armour
  • Changed SFX for UI including dialogue
  • Changed SFX levels across the board for better balancing