v0.3.0 is now LIVE for Avatar Tier+

Hi all,

We’re here with the first update for September. Whilst it does include a vast list of changes, additions and improvements, this update does not yet include character customisation as it simply isn’t ready yet; in order to implement customisation we have to rip out much of the existing content and we need to finish up a multitude of things before we can do so without entirely breaking the game.

It’s been a packed month of development for us thus far and it shows no sign of stopping. For starters we’ve entirely rebuilt the world, shifting landmarks around and reforming areas to reflect our evolving designs and understanding of the kingdom. The NPC count in the world has been significantly increased, so the villages and farms should feel less abandoned (this will increase yet again in future). These changes do mean that old saves will not work at all due to all world positions of NPCs having changed.

For those that wish to wield the most powerful implements of death there are new tools in the arsenal of crafting options; Damascus Weapons. These lethal blades and spears are crafted from rare materials and will make short work of even the toughest foes.

The new customisation will drop in the second update of the month, featuring all-new seamless bodies for Draconids and Humans (Felians are receiving their own overhaul along with the addition of Jackals next month). There are a multiple hair/horn options for each race coming in the updates too, so you’ll finally be able to drastically alter your character, no longer locked to a specific appearance.

[Above: Sample Female Draconid cosmetic variations]

[Above: Sample Female Human cosmetic variations]

Players will now have to unlock the use of the Alchemist and Weaponsmith, finding the characters in the world and recruiting them for the camp. Be wary however, their current captors may not look too kindly on you releasing their “guest”.

Bast’s Inquisitor now features all-new, post-defeat options for those players who don’t want a violent finale to the confrontation (and one for those who want a more violent ending for the Cat-Worshipping Zealot). There will be more options to come in future, for her and other defeated mini-bosses.

Sabu is more alive than ever, with overhauled Crocodiles and Hippos now patrolling her waterways.

There are many more changes, for a full breakdown check out the patch notes.

Thank you all so much for your patience – we know you’re excited to get your hands on customisation and it’s so close to being game-ready. Very soon you’ll be able to shape your avatar in your own image.

Team Carnal Instinct


Changelog, v0.3.0

  • Development Complete map overhaul [Intentions for future content, Optimizations, Multiple visual changes, Loot in this map is temporarily placed and will be moved again when customisation is released soon]
  • Development character customisation system [additional morphs, further material variations, skeleton changes for testicle physics] 
  • Added visuals when obtaining items
  • Added combat ‘soft lock’ for players who prefer not to hard target
  • Added combat hard lock (Default: ‘Tab’ to lock a target)
  • Added hard lock target switching to cycle through potential targets (Default: ‘Q’ while locked on)
  • Added the ability to zoom in/out the player camera (Default: ‘Scroll Wheel’)
  • Added Person(s) In Distress location – “Weaponsmith”
  • Added Person(s) In Distress location – “Alchemist”
  • Added Ahmes into the Player Camp – Ready for future content, replay scenes available
  • Added dialogue for sending the Weaponsmith & Alchemist to the Player Camp after rescuing
  • Added Anubite Guards (These are friendly until attacked, future content will include imprisonment of the player)
  • Added post-defeat option for Inquisitor of Bast [Primal Kill]
  • Added post-defeat option for Inquisitor of Bast [Kill]
  • Added post-defeat option for Inquisitor of Bast [Enslave]
  • Added Enemy – “Anubite Jailer”
  • Added Enemy – “Bloodseeker Jailer”
  • Added Enemy – Hippopotamus
  • Added new Beast of Sobek (Crocodile Enemy AI) animations and visuals
  • Added Items – “Damascus Khopesh”, “Damascus Daggers”, “Damascus Spear”, “Damascus Sword”
  • Added Items – “Refined Damascus Khopesh”, “Refined Damascus Daggers”, “Refined Damascus Spear”, “Refined Damascus Sword”
  • Added Items – “Ornate Damascus Khopesh”, “Ornate Damascus Daggers”, “Ornate Damascus Spear”, “Ornate Damascus Sword”
  • Added Items – “Damascus Ingot”, “Damascus Fragments”
  • Added key re-binding for “Lock On”, “Cycle Target”, “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out”
  • Added new quiver visuals
  • Fixed bug with Archers accelerating too quickly
  • Fixed  issue with the feline NPC’s not walking correctly
  • Fixed bug with the Desert Cat AI from fleeing too much
  • Fixed bug with the Inquisitor of Bast & Tomb Gaurdian being affected by enemy levels
  • Fixed bug with female unarmed combat using incorrect SFX
  • Fixed bug with the Cursed One’s which caused them to not be a quick on their feet as intended
  • Fixed bug with the player locomotion lunging the player forward, turning and runing is now smoother
  • Fixed a collision issue with certain trees
  • Fixed a collision issue with cages
  • Changed Anubite AI into subclass “Anubite Warrior” (Uses Sword & Shield)
  • Changed Anubite AI into subclass “Anubite Brute” (Uses Longsword)
  • Changed Anubite AI into subclass “Anubite Soldier” (Uses Spears)
  • Changed Anubite AI into subclass “Anubite Cutthroat” (Uses Daggers)
  • Changed the Enemy Crocodile name to “Beast of Sobek”
  • Changed the cinematics during “Milk & Honey”
  • Changed the locomotion animations for spears
  • Changed the attack animations for swords
  • Changed default player camera zoom level
  • Changed the lighting levels inside dungeons to be slightly brighter
  • Changed the invisible walls to include a red warning zone
  • Changed the items stocked by Kali
  • Changed the SFX levels of the Skeleton Enemies