Development Progress & October Update Schedule

Development Progress & October Update Schedule

Hi all,

This is a very short update to fill everyone in on where we are right now with development. As those of you on the Discord server will be aware, in late September echo was attacked by a spade-wielding man and left with significant injuries to his left hand. Once the attacker was released under investigation he proceeded to break into echo’s house. For obvious reasons this caused delays, both due to the physical injury and also the steps echo had to take to ensure the safety of his wife and young children.

The character content is heavily reliant on echo and so the update was consequently pushed back. Development is getting back track however, and we anticipate releasing three updates this month. We’re tentatively announcing the following dates on which we hope to release the new customisation content.

10th* – Ascended: Playable Customisation (Human Female, Human Male, Draconid Female)

20th* – Avatar:  Playable Customisation (Felian Female)

30th* – Ascended: Playable Customisation (+New Jackal Female)

[*these are the dates we’re aiming for, updates will release around these points in the month but may fall a day earlier/later depending on any unforeseen last-minute snags.]

It’s a lot to crunch, especially given that echo is still dosed up on pain medication, but we didn’t decide to make Carnal Instinct because it would be easy. In addition to this we have new quests in development, including the much requested spade-themed encounter (complete with spade weapon).

I find it super weird writing in the third person but that’s the format we use for updates, so here’s a bit from me directly. The last month has been both f*cking awful and extremely uplifting; whilst being violently attacked doesn’t rate in the Top10 Anime Moments of my life, the support from the community has been truly amazing. So many of you continue to reach out and check that I’m okay, something I’d not expected at all. I’m just happy to be back working on the project I love and making content once again. Thank you all for your understanding at this time, now it’s up to me to earn that support and get back to it.


Team Carnal Instinct