Development & Roadmap Update

Development & Roadmap Update

Hi all,

In the interests of being open and upfront we wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the recent changes to the roadmap. Whilst they’re minor adjustments in timing, we know that when it’s something you’re looking forward to it can be really upsetting when it’s delayed. To this end we wanted to highlight that there have been changes, rather than just quietly editing the spreadsheet.

See the updated Roadmap here. 

We’re working hard on getting all the clothing items back in-game. To this end we’ve taken the opportunity to overhaul the character costumes and bring the quality up to the level we’re at now. This isn’t to say the models weren’t good before, however some of the design work was against the clock and didn’t account for the body morphing coming into play so early in development.

Once implemented, these outfits will not only replace the current NPCs in-game but will all be available to the player as well. They’re being built from the ground up to accommodate all body types and “equipment” that you may have, so expect a bulge downstairs if you’re more well endowed than average. Additionally we’re also looking to make them modular, so you can mix-and-match an outfit of your choosing.

The High Priestess’ Attendant, Nepthys, is receiving a makeover and new outfit as well. With this we plan to imminently introduce the female crocodilian as a playable race, fully compatible with the customisation system.

The next major quests in the Path of the Jackal arc are almost here too, with scripts already on the way to voice actors.

So back to the reason for the update; we took the time to step back and consider exact timescales for everything. Whilst we’ve made great progress thus far, it’s important that we manage our work/life balance to reduce the strain on the team. To this end we’ve looked realistically at what we had planned in the next 6 months and adjusted things to ensure nothing is rushed and/or lacking in quality. This does mean that some things such as Dynamic Sex will have to move back a bit, whilst we already have a version working in the dev build (and there’s a possibility they will drop sooner) there’s a lot left and it’s a big ask to get the additional underlying content in simultaneously.

The roadmap has been restructured to ensure it’s achievable without needing to crunch* as was required by the last few updates. It’s also worth noting that the roadmap is a public-facing, non-exhaustive list that doesn’t reveal many smaller or more experimental features and changes we have planned in the coming months.


Whilst we’ve always said it’s a live document, I know that some of the changes will be disappointing. They are, however, essential for the overall success of the project and minor in the overall timescale of development. As it stands I’ve not had a single weekend off (other than when I was too injured to work) in months and the rest of the team have also been burning the candle at both ends. What we want to be sure to avoid is the risk of quality dropping to meet arbitrary deadlines, as anything done poorly eventually has to be done twice.

The scheduled updates in the next two months are all still chunky and packing a tonne of new content and features… oh and sex scenes with a massive f*cking dragon… and the Inquisitor of Bast… though not at the same time. At least there’s those to look forward to!

Team Carnal Instinct 

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